Thanks for your interest in appearing on the Play It Like It's Music Podcast.

You've come to the right place.  

Before submitting, please read all of the following.  We will not respond to dilettantes or specious self-promoters.  

This project is a collaboration between musicians (subject and host) for the benefit of other musicians.  We are not a media outlet.

The M.O. here is “The more you love music, the more music you love.”  

We are completely scene- and style-agnostic, but your work must speak for itself.

The show is made in NYC and the host makes frequent trips for gigs and interviews.  Face-to-face sessions in your practice space are the format.  We don't do skype or call-ins.

Guest selection and scheduling is done entirely at the discretion of the host, who is also a working musician.  It takes resources and many hours to produce each episode, so please treat this like you’re looking to get hired for a gig: come correct.

We have no strict criteria but we definitely favor:

  1. Musicians who earn 80-100% of their income from physically performing live music.

  2. Integral members of close-knit musical communities (i.e. a band or thriving local scene)

  3. Players in a supporting role like backup singers, backline, section members, arrangers, producers etc.

  4. Lifers who have logged thousands of hours on stage and/or hundreds of thousands of road miles.  

We make frequent exceptions for people who we think will interest this audience: if you have a compelling and instructive story, if you’re a “name” artist whose presence will lift the profile of the show, a renowned teacher who doesn’t gig much, a published biographer of musicians, the occasional venue owner or a non-pro with a day job and an impressive body of work… you get the idea.  We’d love to feature you.

But: if you are a “performing artist” currently “promoting” your “latest project” in the “media”, we humbly ask that you seek this platform at another time.  We do not participate in the hype cycle.  Come to us after your tour ends so we can reminisce about how it all went.

There are millions of potential guests for the show.  We strive to elevate the unique work musicians do while promoting a sense of fellowship between players everywhere.  

We'd love to eventually interview every professional musician in the known universe.  The lead time is long though, so please bear with us.


OK. One last, critically important thing:

If you are the PR rep, booking agent, friend or manager of a performing musician and would like to place your client on the show, please do not use this form.  Either a) ask the musician to submit themselves here or b) take appropriate steps to establish a personal relationship with the host.  

Our show is by, for and about actual working players and we intend to keep it that way.  Please respect musicians' time and this space.  We will only consider musicians who submit themselves personally.  Please respect this protocol.

Thanks for your integrity and patience. 

We appreciate you.


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