Aspen-Snowmass yoga music + a new favorite act

I had a wonderful time at my first Wanderlust! Here are live recordings for all of the classes I played in Colorado last week.  It clocks in at 5+ hours, and there's a lot of variety.  Feel free skip around, or just press play and stretch out on a mat:

[Click here if you don't see the soundcloud player]

It was my first time taking the new looping rig out into the field.  Please let me know what you think of this stuff, I'd love your feedback while I develop in this new direction.

(The rig looks like this, for the gearheads:
Cello -> Boomerang III + MPC1000 + Korg Volca Beats -> Yamaha 4ch mixer. 
The 'rang, MPC and Korg all synchronize via MIDI.)


Bonus: Check out this band

Also, the fantastic STEEL DRIVERS from Nashille, (as well as Nikki Lane, Moby, High & Mighty Brass Band! and many many others) blew my mind last weekend.  

If you're one of those people (like me) who love American music but can't seem to find any on the radio which hits that sweet spot between sounding current, lyrical, rocking, smart-but-not-oversmart, hilarious, beautiful and mostly made of wood and steel, check out the Steel Drivers.  

Onstage, the lead singer sounds hauntingly reminiscent of Bon Scott, in the best way.  They call themselves "Uneasy Listening" and I stood front-and-center for their entire set on the mountainside.  Here's their latest video.

They slayed, love was in the air.

Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass Colorado was a dizzying array of new experiences, beautiful scenery and amazing people.  I'm happy to be queued up for Squaw Valley, CA next week!

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