Sun, Sun, Sun Here It Comes!

Little darling, it's been a long and lonely winter

I can usually remember the first time I heard a song, but in this case I do not.  I doubt anyone under 45 can remember the first time they heard "Here Comes The Sun" because most parents since the 70's have made sure it's one of the first things their kid hears:

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The smiles returning to their faces

One thing I love about it, among many: the happy-sad thing.  Some people, when it comes on, they'll jump up and smile.  But many do the opposite: I played it for a friend once and she started crying.  Didn't make it past the first verse.  Not all childhoods are sunny, and this song certainly doesn't always sound it.  

It depends on what it's following: if you were just listening to Aqualung or Philip Glass or Jay-Z or Mutemath I doubt it'll connect as intended.  It's totally childish and innocent-sounding.  

But a lot of us hear the breakup of the Beatles in this song too.  

Sun, sun, sun here it comes

Here Comes The Sun is too pure a song to allow anyone an opinion of it.  You have to sing it with a straight face.  You can't insert yourself into it.  It's totally a head-above-water song, the song grownups sing to the kids to pretend it's all ok.  

One day I woke up and knew I had to learn it, so I did.  I didn't learn it because the sun had just come out, but because I needed it to.

I feel that ice is slowly melting

I've been categorized as "happy-sad" before.  I'll confess that learning to perform this song on a cello was an important step on my own road to happiness.  I like to play what's true.  

And I love this song! 

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