Dear Elton Pt 3: Your Song

I once found myself at an Elton show, on the first of two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden.

A good friend brought me, having extended the invitation like this: "Hey man, I know this is random but do you want to go see Elton John? My ex-girlfriend's mother's old boss has a pair of company tickets he's not using." 

Who would refuse a five-degree hand-me-down? Sign me up.

The Elton magic is multiplied 100 times in person. From the stage, he said things like "Tonight is my 64th appearance from this stage…" and "Bernie Taupin and I have been writing together now for 46 years…". 

Just another day at the office! Here, have some stone-cold classics.

I didn't know most of the songs, even though I'd assumed I would. It was a ballad-heavy show, and different people in the hall would light up and cheer when he played "their" song, only to fall silent during others. The guy is mondo prolific! During my life he's released 123 singles, 31 of which have charted in either the US or UK, so you can forgive yourself for not knowing the whole EJ canon. It's worth a dig though, especially the early stuff. Check out "Honky Chateau" and "Rock Of The Westies".

Of course, the one song that always ties it up: "Your Song" for the encore. I'm sure I'd have seen a riot had he not played it.


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