New Years in Tulum

The last time I saw Mexico was when I was six.  My family lived there for a year in 19hmhmhaHM.  I don't remember much of it, but many years later I wrote a song, and all that remained of the trip was my affinity for sunny weather and love of tacos. 

But truthfully, it was pretty amazing adventure!  What's the most lost you've ever felt?  

There's something about being six, barely having learned English and suddenly having to transplant yourself.  Navigate a whole new culture.  Speak a new language.  I went from sleepy Newfield, NY to living in one of Mexico's largest cities with my parents, infant sister and several housemates.  It may as well have been outer space.

(What's your point, Trev?)

(Answer: I haven't been back to Mexico since before Reagan was elected, but that's about to change.  Click here to skip the story.)

There's some Super 8 footage somewhere of me dancing around the yard in Guadalajara looking like I'm having the time of my life, but I also remember being in a semi-constant state of panic.  As beautiful as the city was, as fun as it was to roll around sunny Mexico in Volkswagens and eat pure deliciousness every day, disorientation will nevertheless take your psyche for a ride.  I've been chasing that feeling ever since.

Playing music really helps me stay grounded.  Playing every day, teaching, writing new songs, connecting with other musicians.  My musical pursuit has led a whole battery of routines and practices to sprout in my life.  Everything I do, every choice I make: from the food I eat to my meditation practice and fitness regimen to the way I socialize (or don't socialize) and run my business, all of it systematically serves my lifelong quest to become a better musician.

Naturally, the "visible-to-the-public" part of this process is just the tip of the iceberg.  I keep looking for ways to be more outgoing and accessible, but a musical life doesn't always mean a "performing" life.  I've come to accept and even celebrate that most of my best career moments happen in intimate spaces.  Most of you on this list have witnessed at least one!

2015 brought me a lot of development, a transformation or two (and more than one wrench in the gears).  I'm very gratified by the responses I've been getting to my video performance series, there's been a flow of interesting gigs and also a brand-new type of gig for me: the live yoga class.

You read right.  Some of you are going "what!" and others are probably like "how did it take you so long?"  Well, the right opportunity finally came. 

So here's what's happening:

I've just been invited to Tulum to take part in a New Year's retreat.  I'll be performing in paradise, there'll be two yoga classes per day with the astounding Kerri Kelly and we'll get to sing songs and eat tacos together.  

Click here for details.

How did this start?

The call came when the Wanderlust festival invited me to play classes in Aspen and Tahoe this summer.  With a hastily-assembled rig of drum machines and loop pedals I ascended to the mountains, cello in hand, and proceeded to weave some soundscapes for the assembled practitioners.  I had no idea how well it would go over!

 The yoga room in Tulum

The yoga room in Tulum

Musically I was flying by the seat of my pants, but apparently it was a good match.  The unique texture of a gently-amplified cello apparently resonates quite deeply with a body in motion, so when the opportunity came to take it further I said yes.

Our practice in Tulum will be a dynamic mix of yoga, meditation, music and play as we transition into the new year and explore who we are becoming and what is possible. 

The retreat provides a space that is nourishing, an experience that is intensely personal, and a environment to seed your highest intention. It will include delicious and healthy cuisine, beautiful accommodations and two detoxifying practices each day. The sacred land of Tulum offers ample space for rest, reflection, adventure and community connection.

So I'd love for you to join us for a New Year's to remember. 


Space is extremely limited and filling up fast, so if this is your type of thing I'd definitely act quickly.

Click here to learn more about New Years in Tulum

Much love,


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