Orphée / Paris 22 Sept 2015

9/22/2015, 2:34am

A perfect night in Paris.

The evening began at Radio France, the French BBC type thing.  The thing I wish we had something like in the US.  We rolled up in there and did our one a capella song at the end of James's interview on the French Fresh Air program.  It was very classy, very high tech.  Espressos were served on trays, again, like usual in my dreams.

From there I caught an Uber (like normal, from my phone, using the wi fi of the place, right there on my phone in France)  The car rolled right up front and I jumped in like ya do.  All good, found the tasty little joint I was going to play in, walked right in and it was pure magic.  Paris totally knows how to do its little nightclubs.  I soundchecked, relaxed for a minute and then hit it.  Right there on the one microphone in the middle, under the perfect mood lighting.  James and the crew were right there along with about 30 locals and they were all digging it.  The sound was perfect, the vibe was perfect, the response was perfect.  Keith, Adam and Damon got up at the end to jam with me.  Perfection.  I recorded it, so you can hear it: click HERE and press play.

I'm thinking France needs to happen once in awhile.  I want to properly belong to this place a little.

Anyway, so that went great.  I'm sated, I just gave it up pretty good to Paris.  Something about this place makes us play our best, but only if we've earned the right.  They'll tune you right out if you blow any chunks up in here.  Even just one little one, they'll show you the door.  Luckily I didn't tonight, and they didn't.  

So it wound down gently and I got to take my friend Mary Noelle out to dinner, say a proper thank you for setting the gig up and also do some more catching up.  She's one of my closest friends and we never run out of stuff to talk about.

Then I took her home, hopped in a cab in the drizzling rain and got on the road back to Pernety where the band was staying.  On the way home, crossing the Seine, the perfectly orange half-moon was low in the sky right next to the Eiffel Tower, and even though I was already ruminating on how perfect the night was, it just got a little bit perfecter.

1:30 am and the boys are still up, munching the cake and the croissants and re-living the glories of our week with James McBride.  I walk in and they all start cheering, saying how I killed it tonight and we all dished for another hour.  Telling the stories, laughing our asses off.  

Total perfection.  

I love this life, I love this city, I love this world and I love you.

Paris is calling me back soon.  

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