Trevor Exter

Club Cello

"It is rare to find someone like Trevor who is both an exceptional musician as well as an incredibly skillful teacher. His expertise and knowledge of music is matched with this patient and innovative teaching style. His creative language and teaching style creates the most inspiring learning environment for a musician of any level."

  • Ally B. student

Lessons? YES.*

(*Remotely? Yes.)

Ever wondered how a cello works, how to play it the normal/”right” way and get an orchestra job? Then you’ve come to the wrong place.

By all means, learn that stuff. I can teach it to you if you really, really want.

But what I’m great at is finding ways to ENJOY a life with the cello - whatever level you are at - and connect it meaningfully to your day-to-day while learning to play well. I’ll do this with you in a tailored, goal-oriented way while you work very hard, knowing you have real professional support.

"Trevor Exter is a unique and powerful voice for our time. I have known him for over a quarter century and have seen him blossom as a singer, songwriter and modern cellist. Students will benefit a lot from his disciplined, holistic approach."

  • Chris White, Founder and Artistic Director of the New Directions Cello Festival

This is not for dilettantes. But a true commitment is worth it. Picking up the cello again after years of ignoring it was the best thing I ever did. Now I am very dedicated to it and I enjoy a thriving professional career. If this is your path, then welcome. We will get along just fine.

You might have seen that I combine the voice and rhythmic plucking in my solo act. I play with the bow too though. It’s a well-rounded training, and your path is ultimately yours to trace. I'll help you see what you're missing.

"Trevor is that rare combination of teacher, mentor, coach, and friend. No matter where you are in your journey he is the perfect guide, giving you the motivation to pursue your passion and the tools to get there. In just a matter of months, he has already changed the way I internalize rhythm and melody. More than that, he has deepened my understanding of how music can be applied to everyday life and how important it is for the soul. What I find most impressive though is his ability to synthesize complex ideas into very simple terms. He is kind of like the Yoda for all us Jedis in training. He taught me how to feel instead of think and for that I am forever grateful. "

  • Daniel D. student

“But what if I’m not a professional?”

You may ask, and this is not a problem. I take great joy in helping non-professional music enthusiasts find their footing with one of the most fantastic and satisfying instruments ever to have evolved. It’s rich.

Email me, we can talk about what you want from this and if it might be a fit for us to work together.

You can study with me from ANYWHERE in the world. We will work remotely until the COVID-19 crisis allows us to meet in person. Then we will happily jam.
I book lessons in sets of 5, we set our goals and make a plan for each run at our first session.

Payment is expected up front, my hourly rate is a sliding scale. If you truly are dedicated then I will make sure you can afford it. So reach out.

"Trevor is a unique and old musical soul. He is a deep thinker who often resides outside of the box, yet remains firmly grounded in the fundamentals. This gives him a refreshing perspective on the art and technique of making music. Trevor's ideas around memorization, rhythm, understanding harmony and ensemble-work are inspiring and have shifted the way I think about music. Any student of his, whether it be for a one-off or for longer term, will benefit immensely from this kind, relaxed, and truly gifted cellist."

  • Mazz Swift, singer, composer and violinist. (D'Angelo, Whitney Houston, Perry Farrell, Dee Snider, James “Blood” Ulmer, Vernon Reid, DJ Logic, William Parker, Kanye West, Common and Jay-Z)

"Trevor Exter is one of the most profound musical thinkers I know. Classically educated but universally informed, his approach to rhythm and presence speaks to the desire of all musicians - to participate more deeply in their own practice and to more easily connect to their audience. Methods for practice, avenues for focus and center, a more fundamental experience of music in any genre, Trevor contributes that to students and colleagues alike, beginning with yours truly. "

  • Todd Reynolds, violinist for Bang On A Can, Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, faculty at Manhattan School of Music

Email me if you'd like to work together.