Trevor Exter


Location: LA
Phone/Text: 310-658-0522
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“Why this guy?”

A robust career in songwriting, performance, touring and production gave me solid organizational abilities. I take pride in delivering on-deadline, under-budget and collaborating with diverse teams.

25 years as a professional cellist taught me to hear in 3-D with empathy, patience and an eye for the whole picture.

I thrive by creating audio experiences that stimulate and enlighten. I'm handy with technology, a quick study and passionate about immersive sound design.

Podcast Production:

Industry-grade production of interviews, conversations, live events, some narrative.

I have a flair for natural editing of speech and conversation. My music background definitely helps: clients value my perspective on their style and vibe, my solid skills and practical approach.

I help out in pre-production with a variety of early-stage projects from concept, development, music and sound design to setup and publish, with a sprinkling of tape syncs.

150+ episodes published in 2018-20.

"I'll share the stage with you anytime, anywhere!"
Levar Burton, Host of Levar Burton Reads

“Trevor is an outstanding creative collaborator. You can count on him to over-deliver in terms of both the quality of his work and his approach to deadlines and budgets. He's a superb communicator, and willingly leaps in to help solve problems whenever asked. But don't take my word for it: hire him yourself!”
Chris Bannon, Chief Content Officer, Midroll Media