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Podcast Production


Podcasts are magic, and everybody is getting into them:

  • in 2016, 35 million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis. 

  • In 2018? 48 Million.

  • Total Global Downloads and Streams for the Top 10 Publishers in December 2017 increased by 93% year-over-year from December of 2016.*

Your audience is searching for truth and connection.

A good podcast will provide both.  

*source: Edison Research


What I do: 

Industry-grade production of interviews, conversations, live events or audio essays.

To engage and grow your audience. 

Narrowcasting, not broad. 


A successful podcast has many moving parts, and it won't happen until someone on your team really commits to making it happen.

Welcome to my wheelhouse.  I'm the guy who will get your show up and running.

Clients value my perspective on their style and vibe, my solid skills and practical approach.

I will make sure your show reaches your particular people in the way you want it to, with the right sound, feel and flow.

I'm based in New York City. 

Contact me for specs & rates.



Why work with me?

3 reasons:


1. Chops.

After 20 years experience in studios, audio production is second nature to me.  I’ll keep a keen eye on the flow and feel of your show, as well as its cultural context.

(And remove your ums and uhs, clicks and pops, generally nailing the tech side of your production.)

Untitled design.jpg

2. Love.

I have true reverence for the medium. Podcasts have played a significant role in my life for ten years.  

Great things are happening in the audio-on-demand world and I see an incredibly bright future for it.


3. Consistency.

As steward of your podcast, I’ll work with you to establish a clear production cycle with a streamlined workflow and clear deadlines.  

You’ll never wonder when it’s going live, and you’ll always get to review the final product.

A podcast is not an infomercial, advertorial or an earnings call.  It's a new beast.  

We’re still hammering out the rules, but you can do WAY more than merely get your message out.

Any organizer or brand who creates a quality podcast will find their audience:

  • growing

  • gelling around core values

  • interacting more

  • connecting more deeply with your mission

  • Sharing it

Finding your style and "voice" for podcasting requires patience and some exploration. 

You have to be honest with yourself about how you want to come across to who you're trying to reach. 

"So what will it take for me to make one?”

Besides the technical part, does it take a special magic to get one off the ground?

Yes, and it’s more than just cleaning up your conversations.

What do I mean by cleaning up?  Check out this clip:


"How does this work?"


  • Arrange & supervise recording

  • Format and workflow consult (pre-launch)

  • Tape cleanup (remove noises, “aah, um, like, yknow”, stuttering etc.)

  • Assemble and sequence

  • Mix

  • Master


Pilot, feed setup and launch:

Plan on a short pre-production period to create mock-ups, curate music, record static bits, establish the format and streamline the workflow.  This is aside from all marketing/web design.

The setup phase is billed hourly.  Once the show is running, we’ll agree on a seasonal or per-episode rate thereafter.


All of my relationships are custom.

Contact me and we'll talk.


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"How about theme music?"



Of course I'll be happy to help you with that.

We can license a track or make you an original one.

Have a look at some of my work.