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“Why this guy?”

25 years as a professional cellist taught me to hear in 3-D, helping me choose moments and dynamics with empathy, patience and an eye for the whole picture.

I have a sophisticated background but I write from the gut. And I don’t just play cello.

A robust career in songwriting, composition, touring and production has given me solid organizational chops. I take pride in delivering on-deadline, on-budget and collaborating with diverse teams.

As a composer I specialize in exploring innovative applications for traditional sounds, highlighting the emotional link between characters and contexts.

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Recent Music


Lately I’ve been tapping into some new energy. Taking a break from the stage after years of touring showed me a better source for ideas: the ones that arise from feeling and intuition rather than the pressure to perform.




“Overtones are the light. Without them none of our musical ideas can matter.”

-Statement of Intent [Read more]




Simple songs are my benchmark, using the limited color palette of just my own voice with plucked accompaniment. [soundcloud]


“…makes you feel like you found something you didn’t even know you were missing… Trevor Exter nails it.”

Ethan Kanat, BreakThruRadio.com



RECENT songs:

(2019 EP in preproduction: contact for private demos)


“The cello can bring rich voicings, overtones and funk. It has lots of surprises.”

-Cello Frame [read more]


Podcast Production:

Clients value my perspective on their style and vibe, my solid skills and practical approach. [more info]