Trevor Exter

TRIOS series

TRIOS 01: lo-fi chamber electronica
TRIOS 02: post-cello generations
TRIOS 03: custom funk


These are my first releases in six years. A lot of music has been brewing.

Taking the sound and feel of the cello from inside the fiber.

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After a six-year recording hiatus, songwriter/cellist Trevor Exter takes a left-turn into experimental territory with three "TRIOS" releases in early 2021. He’s always turned heads with striking cello performances and songwriting, but with this set Exter firmly plants his flag as an instrumental artist. Making creative use of the algorave toolkit favored by live coders, Exter softens this digital soundscape with primal cello explorations and hints of funk, beguiling new and longtime fans alike.

Using close-capture of the cello, throbbing beats, live-coded synths and a wash of ASMR elements, TRIOS 01 is a fresh take on ambient/electronic.

For TRIOS 02, with all the synth sounds bouncing around, the cello still wants to be heard. With the second installment Exter pushes further into electronica while also giving room for some adventurous cello performances as well.

Finally, on TRIOS 03, Exter drills down into some weird time signatures and juxtaposes them with smoother, noir-ish vibes.

Exter has a diverse resumé, having toured internationally with author James McBride, guitar wizard Steve Kimock and the immersive Argentine sensation De La Guarda.