How do you become a musician?

Step one:

hang out with musicians.


Why this podcast.

It's easy to find out how to do a musical thing: look it up or ask someone to show you.

Better yet, just start doing it, because it all comes down to that anyway.  

Take action.


You'll find how-tos everywhere.  Especially in music school:

"How to play the ____"

"How to read music off a page"

"How to voice lead"

"How to play faster n' louder than the other kids"

"How to obey the conductor"

"How to conduct"


I learned how to do some of those things.


And some other things:

"How to hustle a gig"

"How to cross-promote"

"How to bitch about the state of the industry"


But what about the rest? 

It turns out every musician is in a perpetual state of becoming.


I play, I work and I make records.

But after many miles I realized that I also have to make this show.

So I interview working musicians in their practice space.  It is an insane privilege to do so.


We focus on the feeling: melody, tone, connection, pocket etc.  

What it takes to keep it growing. 

And a little bit of story.

Because someone who makes a living with music knows that it takes plenty more than just craft.

It marshals your brain, body and spirit. 

So I hope you enjoy the show.  It's a labor of love, and it's for lifers.



Trevor Exter